Received I-T Notice? is here to help.
Received I-T Notice? is here to help. is a next generation, AI-driven platform for all your tax planning, tax returns filing and tax notice/ scrutiny management needs.
With Subscription you get:

Expert assistance for any notices from Income Tax Department

Receiving a tax notice need not be a cause for worry, simply upload your notice on and our tax expert will assist you with optimal advice and help you in handling or replying to your income tax notice.
Notices covered:
  1. Refund re-issue request
  2. Revised return filing for notice received under section 139(9)
  3. Do the rectification of the return in response to notice under section 143(1) or 154
  4. Refund adjustment against the previous tax demand under section 245
  5. File the responses to demand notices issued under section 156
  6. Help in preparing the responses of inquiry before assessment notice under section 142(1) and scrutiny proceeding under section 143(2) and 143(3)
  7. Prepare the reply for any notices issued from income tax department

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